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Jon brings to the class 10 years' experience in the Military as a U.S. Army / Combat Veteran, 14 years' experience in Law Enforcement and 17 years' experience in Nuclear Security.  

Certifications Include:

Certified Firearms Instructor 15 years

NRA Law Enforcement: Handguns, Tactical Handgun and Patrol Rifle

NRA Civilian: Certified Home Firearm Safety, Certified Pistol and Personal Protection

LETC (Law Enforcement Training Center) Certified Instructor​: Firearms, Active Threat Response and Ground Defense/Defensive Tactics.

Other Certifications include Advanced S.W.A.T and Hostage Rescue Training



Jesse A.

8 year Military history

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant retired with 2 deployments; Iraq and Afghanistan 

Jesse's background and training is in tactical pistol and rifle

USPSA RO Officer

Bachelor's of Science in Communications Study with a Minor in Intercultural Communications.  Jesse's background and training is in tactical pistol and rifle.  

We have a phenomenal group of trainers and staff!

We are so proud to have them a part of the Firing Line Team!

 Let me introduce to you the best of the best.   

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